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Event 2022 – Official selection and screening

The final evening is approaching!
Tomorrow evening you can follow us live on Youtube.

These are the films that will be screened:

There is exactly enough time – Virgil Widrich – Austria
The Hideaway – Jane Stephens Rosenthal – Usa
Roberto Carmen – Córdoba González – Spain
One-Hit Wonder – Amanda Dow – Usa
The First of the Free Girls – Alexandra Velasco, Alexander Kahan – Mexico
Distances – Gabriel Ghiggeri – Spain
Behind the glass – Pedro de la Llave – Spain
Brother Troll – Gudmund Helmsdal – Faroe Islands
JULIA. DECEMBER 13 – Lukasz Madziar – Poland
The Infallible Art of Deflation – Alberto Olivieri – Italy
Property – Jackie Bateman – Canada
KOFI’S DREAM – Francesca Stangoni – Italy
Amor Fati – Luca Immesi – Italy
Single – Anna Sesia – Italy

You can follow the premiere of the event live on youtube, this is the link: