Honorable mentions

These films, entered this year at the festival, were not included in the official selection.

However, the jury decided to reserve an honorable mention for them.

This is the list of films:
1 wacked..! Quinn Evan Reimann, Rolf Lang
2 Deathmate Luca Di Paolo
3 √√ Last Seen Lindsei Barros
4 Housekeeping Andrew Margetson
5 No balls Carlos Gonzalez, Ariel Rios, Angel Pons
6 Separation Andrew Roman Ochwat
7 We can still be friends Ewa Sztefka
8 Self-creation Ewa Sztefka
9 You Can Kiss Me Jan Jalenak
10 Apotheosis Jane Rosemont
11 Forward Jon Dorais
12 Footsteps of Suicide Thomas R. Bloom
13 Pas Touche! Florian Lidin
14 Coney Island Theodore Shivers
15 The Great Artist Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri
16 Somewhere on Earth Fabrizio Rosso
17 Locked. Sean Imamkhan
18 Flash/Crash Angelo Perez Lebbink
19 Reflections Allen Smithee, Jr.
20 Leo Fabienne Mahé
21 Snow Kissed Riggsby Lane
22 The Secret Stake Society Chronicles Robert J Butler
23 Don’t Croak Daun Kim
24 Unconventional Denise Khumalo
25 Memory Lane Steven LaMorte